World Cup 2019: Semi Final Match

Out of the Pakistan semi-final stage, India will take on England in the last-four or New Zealand

  • New Zealand team also reached semi-finals after Australia, India, and England
  • Pakistan first scored 315 runs at 9 wickets against Bangladesh
  • If Pakistan were allotted to Bangladesh by seven runs, they could go to the semifinals

World Cup News: 4 teams of World Cup Cricket 2019 semifinals have finally been finalized. The equation of Pakistan’s semi-final match in Pakistan and Bangladesh was almost equally unlikely for him and it happened. Pakistan won the toss and scored 315 runs in the first innings. To reach Pakistan in the semifinals, Bangladesh had to make all out on 7 but they failed to do so. Together with Australia and India, England and New Zealand have also reached the semi-finals. Which team will compete in the semi-finals? It will be decided after the two matches to be played on Saturday.

Who will play India in the semi-finals?

Before answering this question, take a look at the two bouts on Saturday, July 6. The first match will be between India and Sri Lanka and the second between Australia and South Africa. If India wins from Sri Lanka and Australia If India loses, then Team India will move to the first place in the points table. In these circumstances, he will have to compete with the fourth team, that is, New Zealand.

So both India and Australia won?

If India defeats Sri Lanka and Australia South Africa, then there will be no change in the number that is ranked in the table. That is, India will face England and Australia from New Zealand. The first semi-final will be held in Manchester on 9 July while the second will be held on July 11 in Birmingham.


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